Plant Hill Wood House

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Client: Private
Location: Plathill

Plathill Wood is a design for a new build house on a breathtaking site following the demolition of an existing undistinguished house constructed in the 1950s.

The design is a development of Marcel Breuer’s exemplar “bi-nuclear” house model, whereby there is a clear and distinct division of the home into spaces for different activities. The proposals were developed around the forceful simplicity of this ‘archetype’ plan form, taking the precedent of Breuer and formulating a discrete apportionment of the home into familiar space for entertaining, activity and for the quiet sanctuary of rest and relaxation.

The design is an inextricable response to the site, and conceived as a coming together of the man-made and the natural. The Platt Hill Wood House, with its materially vernacular stone walls and panoramic verdant setting, has been conceived to feel as if it has been “tempted or rather enticed” from out of the landscape.