Refectory and Bar, AUB

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Client: Arts University Bournemouth
Location: Bournemouth, UK
Completion: December 2010

The refectory & bar project constitutes an extension to an existing facility through the creation of a new double height volume combined with a roof extension and roof-top terrace. The project doubles existing provision whilst addressing external masterplanning concerns. In re-orients the current facilities and provides a new and vibrant external face to the building.

The form of the extension was conceived to give this important facility a presence within the new main entrance quadrangle to the University. Through its carefully considered curvature it affords the refectory an improved legibility and clear identity at the symbolic heart of the campus. It also provides a contemporary external face in keeping with the re-branded image of the university.

Internally the expansion of the original single storey volume up into the double height extension, with its panoramic views across the main entrance quadrangle, is both up-lifting and animates the whole campus. The roof-top bar terrace allows wonderful views across the campus.