Fashion Studios

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Client: Arts University Bournemouth
Location: Bournemouth, UK
Completion: October 2004

Lee/Fitzgerald’s extension of the Fashion Studios at the Arts University Bournemouth opens up a previously introverted corner of the campus, and provides high-quality light-filled studio spaces. The tautly cubic L-shaped building defines one corner of a new entrance courtyard for the University, its other edges created by the Enterprise Pavilion and University House.

The glass screen walls afford magnificent views out from the studios. From outside, views of the interior life of the building and the work produced by the fashion students are juxtaposed with reflections of the sky and surroundings. Delicate steel mesh panels suspended of cantilevering arms shade the facades from high summer sun. Floor-to-ceiling panels of the glazing system at both around and first floor level slide open to allow fresh air in and to open the studios to the outdoors in good weather.