Downside School

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Client: Downside School
Location: Somerset, UK
Completion: January 2017

Downside School are fortunate to be in possession of a large theatre and auditorium facility built via benefaction during the 1960s. The facility is of a size and specification appropriate for a regional venue and partnerships are being sought to fully utilize this fantastic facility. 

However, the theatre was tired and in much need of upgrading. Little had been done to the fabric since its construction and as a result it was largely under-used. The seating and finishes required a complete overhaul, acoustics and lighting needed addressing, contemporary control and recording facilities needed adding and the foyers, dressing rooms and circulation needed to be re worked. The potential for a regional theatre was certainly there, but in its current configuration well hidden 

Lee/Fitzgerald were brought on board to release this potential because of there recognized expertise within the theatre sector. The practice has been involved in both the fund raising campaign and subsequently the full refurbishment of the fabric. In parallel with the project, a new music and arts facility has been created for the school, adjoining and feeding in to the facilities of the Theatre.